Zetsaw Pruning Saws

Made in Japan, these saws offer a new innovative option for orchardists through their strong flexible blades. If the blade is caught or pinches in a branch, the chance of snapping is hugely reduced through the unique steel properties of the blade and the manufacturing process used to make them. Traditionally Japanese Turbo-Cut saws are made by grinding the blades to a tapered shape or in some cases with a curvature ground surface. This was to minimize friction. Today Z-Saw has done away with these processes by manufacturing the blade from a strip of specialized steel and then grinding the Turbo teeth. No other grinding is done. This has resulted in less manufacturing costs, a blade that is stronger but thinner, and less friction than ever before.

With the usual Japanese Turbo-Cut teeth, Z-Saw blades are also impulse hardened for extra durability. The cuts are extremely smooth and clean, with no vibration during cutting. The blade is easily changed by loosening the blade bolt with a coin or screwdriver, and the blade will simply slide out from the handle.

Featured Products

FS-245 Saw and Sheath

Firm blade saw with extremely sharp teeth, ideal for fruit tree pruning and gardening. Replacement blades available. 245mm blade length.

FS-275 Saw and Sheath

Extremely aggressive sharp teeth with 270mm long strokes, ideal for forest tree trimming and gardening. Replacement blades available.