Idealspaten Axes

Idealspaten Germany is a company with a history of more than 110 years and rely on high-grade products with a long service life to save resources for subsequent generations.

Featured Products

Idealspaten Hatchet with Ash Handle

This is German quality that is so hard to get these days! Their well-shaped heads give them good balance and you can tell the quality of the head by the bright ring of the steel when you tap it. This is always the best indicator of the quality of the steel used. You won't be disappointed with these hatchets! Made in Germany and available in 3 weights - 600g, 800g and 1000g

Idealspaten Axe with Hickory Handle

These axes are no exception of the quality that Idealspaten pride themselves for. The well-shaped heads split wood easily and the hard-wearing handles are made from American Hickory. You can prove the quality of the heads by tapping the steel to get a bright ringing sound. You will be amazed! Made in Germany and available in 3 weights 1200g, 1600g and 2000g.

Idealspaten Splitting Axe with Hickory Handle 3000g

This Idealspaten Splitting Axe/Hammer continues the line of quality axes from the German tool manufacturer. Once again hear the bright ring of the quality steel and complemented by the tough American Hickory handle. The total length of the handle at 88.5cm gives this splitting hammer plenty of swing ability. The traditional style of the splitting axe head is another reason why this axe is a must have! Made in Germany. Weight: 3000g

Idealspaten Splitting Axe 2000g

This splitting axe from Idealspaten has a unique tapered head that proves extremely hard to get jammed in those difficult pieces of wood. The wedge-shaped axe head and its weight also provides easier penetration when splitting wood. These axes are manufactured in Europe and come complete with a European Ash Handle. Overall length: 70cm